The Thinker


In school we are taught to master and question our thinking. It seems I have skipped those two lessons.

Thinking  “Think before you act” ” Don’t think about it” “What do you think about this?” “Did you have enough time to think” “Be quiet, I can’t think” “Class, let’s put on our thinking caps,” “Think on whatever is pure” Thinking is something we, as psychologist Piaget theorize, do before we form language, it is innate in us to consider actions, thoughts, and feelings . Like I said, I think I missed the lesson wherein I should have learned how to dismiss the unimportant thoughts. I became the “The Thinker.”

I’m sure this statue has been discussed on several accounts, but today you’ll hear it from my account.

I hate this sculpture! It is a reminder of who I’ve been and who I just might become; stagnant in my thoughts that I confine myself to to the realms of my infinite thoughts, sulking deeper into the possibilities that may exist beyond one thought. I sit high not because I’m powerful, but because the deeper I  engross myself into my thinking the further I am from reality. The further I am from reality, the further I am from knowing ME! We were created to act, think and act! 

I am most inspired by William Shakespeare’s words, “Be Great in Act as you Have been in Thought!”  At first I misread the quote as “Be great in act as you are in thought” Understanding it as the latter removed soooo many charges posed by Shakespeare. In his quote he tells me, “alright your thoughts were great (past tense) let’s do something about it.” In my misrepresentation of the quote I heard, “Think, Think Think Think, act, Think  Think think think.” To differ the two, in case it isn’t clear, the former invokes greatness the latter hinders it.

“Be great in act as you have been in Thought!”


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